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Commercial Drivers and DUI Offenses

Standards for commercial drivers are stringent. As they are heavily regulated and monitored, commercial drivers face higher responsibility and accountability for their actions while being behind the wheel. While the type of vehicle may vary, the legal BAC (blood alcohol concentration) limits is .04 percent for all CDL drivers, not the .08 percent limit for other licensed drivers. Refusing to take chemical tests is illegal. Other tight restrictions apply.

The penalties may be severe, including losing the ability to work. Driving for a living is a reality for bus drivers, limo drivers, taxi drivers, commercial truck drivers and others. Losing the ability to earn an income is devastating and may be prevented by seeking counsel with an Ocala DUI attorney. Taking immediate action in building a strong defense may be your best chance of avoiding further penalties or having the charges dismissed altogether.

A knowledgeable and skilled legal team will be able to inform you of viable options and help you make an informed decision.

Kinsell Law Firm has represented many CDL DUI cases. These cases present specific and complicated challenges as the person charged with a DUI offense is dually affected by their potential to work. Commercial drivers are integral to various functions within our communities and denying or restricting their ability to function has far-reaching implications. We strive to uphold and enforce the constitutional rights of those charged with DUI. We utilize every defense strategy in order to fight sloppy police work, unreliable testing equipment and mishandled evidence. The law provides for fair treatment and we ensure our clients receive fair hearings and trials.

CDL DUI Defense Attorney in Ocala

If you or someone you love has been charged with a DUI while driving a commercial vehicle, it is imperative to seek legal representation immediately. Pleading guilty may not be advisable. This situation demands thorough review and evaluation of all the details in your case. Our legal team is ready to stand by you and help you defend the charges.

If you are facing DUI charges as a commercial driver, contact an Ocala CDL DUI defense lawyer in our firm. We may be able to help.

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