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DUI with Injury

DUI Accident with One or More Injuries

When an accident results in injury, the driver causing the accident faces harsh consequences. When the driver is also charged with DUI, felony charges may apply. Conviction sentences can carry up to 5 years in prison and a $5,000 fine. Other offenses such as assault with a deadly weapon or hit and run may further implicate you and additional charges may be assigned. Law enforcement procedures, equipment testing, witness statements and expert testimony are all utilized in building the prosecution's case against you.

As defense counsel, we use the same evidence, highlighting errors, mistakes, and incorrect application of the law. If you or someone you love has been charged with a DUI and someone was injured, immediate legal representation from an Ocala DUI lawyer is crucial. There are many circumstances impacting each case. It is possible that you did not cause the accident. It's also possible that you were wrongly charged with DUI, even though your blood alcohol level was well below the legal limit.

The time is now to proactively build a competent defense.

As with any DUI charge, there are set deadlines for addressing each step in the process. Being late with filing paperwork or missing a scheduled hearing are inexcusable and the courts will not be forgiving. Kinsell Law Firm are well-versed with the inner workings of the DUI legal proceedings. We represent you in every aspect of your case. We make sure you have every possible chance of having your charges reduced or dismissed. We aggressively defend your rights.

Ocala DUI with Injury Defense Attorney

A DUI conviction with injury has harsh ramifications, not only with the penal system, but also with life in general. Having trouble securing employment, being unable to buy a home or enduring really high insurance rates, make life's activities more difficult. We may be able to help you change that. Our legal team strives to reach an outcome that serves your best interests. We are here to assist you.

Contact an Ocala DUI with injury defense lawyer today. Give yourself a fighting chance.

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is knowing how to recognize the weaknesses in the State's case against your client. As a former prosecutor, I ask myself, 'Could I convict this person, and would I do it?' If you know how to successfully prosecute a case, you can then recognize the area or areas that are vulnerable to an attack."

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