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Underage DUI

The Rules are Not the Same for Minors

Many people are familiar with the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) legal limits in Florida, which is .08 percent. Many do not realize that there are different requirements for anyone under the age of 21. This "zero tolerance" policy enforces a legal limit of only .02 percent. If any young driver is suspected of driving under the influence, an officer may request the suspect to submit to a field sobriety test. If the results are over the limit, the officer may then request a breath, blood or urine test. If the BAC is .02 percent or higher, then an arrest is made.

This is the phone call no child wants to make and no parent hopes to receive. If your child has been arrested or charged with a DUI offense, seek immediate legal counsel with an Ocala DUI attorney. An experienced lawyer will have a working knowledge of the DUI process and be thorough in defending the rights of your child.

Significant penalties for underage DUI convictions exist. Incarceration, fines, license suspension, probation, community service and substance abuse treatment programs are all possible punishments and a DUI conviction may become permanent record. Finding a good job and getting into their preferred college could be impacted by a conviction on the charge. Insurance premiums will likely increase. Life in general may become more challenging for the young offender.

Kinsell Law Firm has helped many young people with their underage DUI charges. We understand that their future is at stake. Pleading guilty and suffering potentially damaging results may be unnecessary. We aggressively defend the rights of your child and strive to secure a more positive outcome from this DUI experience.

Underage DUI Defense Attorney in Ocala

Learning lessons the hard way is a tough road. Facing an underage DUI is not easy. A child may be confused and unaware of their constitutional rights. Our job as legal professionals is to hold the law to the highest standards, especially when a child is involved. Fighting a DUI charge requires extensive legal experience. Your first step is setting up an initial consultation to find the help you need.

Contact an Ocala DUI lawyer in our firm today and begin building a strong defense against underage DUI charges.

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