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Charged With DUI in Ocala?

Our state has tough penalties driving under the influence. The penalties increase when any accident occurred that is alleged to have been the result of a DUI driver. Earlier convictions for the same offense will increase the penalties and jail time. Never proceed into court on a DUI offense without a strong Ocala DUI defense lawyer from Kinsell Law Firm. Our firm has a longstanding proven record of successfully defending clients accused of DUI offenses of all types.

In order to create the strongest defense for you and to avoid penalties, allow an Ocala DUI defense lawyer to examine your case and the evidence against you. Your entire case could be dismissed if there were any illegal acts in your arrest or if there was an error in your breath & blood test or field sobriety tests. After an arrest, your license will be automatically suspended.

In order to get this suspension revoked, you will have to schedule a DMV hearing. Multiple DUI and DUI with injury could be charged as felonies and so it is even more crucial that you speak with an attorney from our firm. One of the consequences of being convicted of felony DUI is that an ignition interlock device will be placed on your vehicle.

"A major part of being a successful defense attorney

is knowing how to recognize the weaknesses in the State's case against your client. As a former prosecutor, I ask myself, 'Could I convict this person, and would I do it?' If you know how to successfully prosecute a case, you can then recognize the area or areas that are vulnerable to an attack."

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Ocala police have ramped up their enforcement of DUI laws, and if you have been caught in a traffic stop or were accused of DUI after being pulled over, it is advised that you contact our DUI defense team at once. You are not required to answer questions from law enforcement until you have an attorney by your side to protect your rights.

In fact, many DUI cases are damaged by the individual who chooses to discuss their case or make statements without an attorney present to manage the situation. Your first most critical action after an arrest is to contact the firm to get into action in defending your case.

There are many cases of DUI or BUI that can be successfully defended or dismissed through immediate action by your attorney. In cases in which an individual was pulled over without probable cause, the entire case can be challenged.

In other DUI allegations, it has been determined that the testing was incorrectly administered, or the testing device used had a history of false readings. How testing is administered is extremely important when defending a DUI offense, as the testing devices must be correctly calibrated and maintained, and the exact procedures used in breath testing must be fully evaluated to determine if errors took place.

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Each case demands a full review of the evidence, and if you hope to avoid conviction, it is critical that you act quickly. What attorney you choose to represent you can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case, and there is no substitute for experience in the defense of DUI cases. We are aggressive, energetic and knowledgeable and urge you to contact our firm immediately for experienced legal representation.

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